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I am on a Budget
Wednesday February 22, 2012 - Written By: Aamir Shakir, President of Superior Rugs.com

The great part of being on a budget and being on Superiorrugs.com at the same time is that there are a lot of great options. We are special because are manufacturers of area rugs not just resellers.

This gives you the unique ability to bring rugs in many sizes and unheard of quality for less than most of the other guys could dream of.

Our rugs start @ 48.84-51.41 for a 6x8 with Free Shipping. This isn't just one but many rugs. Here are some great examples to look at.

Since we our manufacturers of area rugs we pretty much have the best prices available to the pubic. Not only do we currently sell our rugs to your local retailer or street vendor we now open our doors to you at an extreme discount.

Now we have a few collections that should blow your doors off for price, but one of them really stands out. Our Generations/Premium collection has hands down the best price per foot you can find anywhere. The collection is really special. It has modern and traditional designs in a very popular collor pallet.

The colors in this collection are burgundy, beige, black, ivory, and sage green. Every traditional rug has all of these colors in it. The modern rugs generally do not since the designs sometime require less.

The generations collection isn't our most plush rug. But when you need a rug on a budget this one wins hands down. It is the best rug we still when it comes to the ability to withstand extreme abuse of weather, pets, and stains.

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Currently there are 3 Comments
[Michelle, NY] I just purchased a Generations rug from you from the deal of the day thanks to this article. It really blew my mind that a rug like this could be found for so little. the free shipping sold it at the end of the day. 02-22-2012
[Tony Chang] Thank you so much for being in business I never thought i could have one rug let alone 4 rugs now from your awesome company. i really like this generations collection. i would be lying if i said it was the most amazing quality rug i've ever seen but it really changed the whole house. thanks again 11-08-2011
[Omar Rana] I just got the pre8011red and I cannot say i am anything less than delighted. thanks for this article. 11-08-2011
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