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Hooked rugs

Hooked Rugs are one of the most sought after and desired home luxuries in the world.  Hooked Rugs are commonplace in the American home and considered some of the best rugs money can buy.  Hooked Rugs soar in popularity and for good reason.  Simply stated, Hooked Rugs are born from one of the oldest textile fibers known:  wool. Wool has survived the test of time because of its unique natural properties. The basic characteristics wool possessed in the Stone Age era, for instance, are still the fundamental qualities that make wool, as well as Hooked Rugs, unique in this century. Today there are many other textile fibers, but as yet science has not been able to produce another fiber containing all the natural properties of wool. Thus the continued success and popularity of the wool rug. 

Today’s wool rug is durable, strong and beautiful ranging from traditional, oriental, Persian, machine made, hand made and contemporary.  Hooked Rugs remain unique and a masterpiece of design.  In the development of society and the measurement of wealth and accumulation of capital, wool has been a key resource.  Luxury goods such as a wool rug were vital to the formation of trading economies during the Mesopotamian era. 

Wool selected for durability and long wearing wool rug is generally harsh in consistency rather than soft and delicate such as the wool used for a lambs wool sweater.  The "hand" or texture of wool reflects the level of scratchiness found in the finished wool rug.  The manner of grooming and shearing and resulting processing of the wool fiber can also vary widely amongst wool rug producers.  Given the extraordinary complexity of wool itself, it's surprising to note that many wool rug applications, for example modern machine produced oriental wool rug designs, are often based on wool which is inappropriate for use as an area rug or floor rug at all, rather should have been processed into garments or decorative furnishings in light traffic areas.  In many Oriental rug designs based on wool, the weavers harvested a longer wool fiber bearing greater overall density sometimes twice the size of other wool fiber, thus giving rise to a very different finished wool rug.  Research into synthetic dyes intensified in the 19th century as European wool rug producers sought to recreate the complexity and design of the nomadic Oriental weaver, however to mass produce such floor rug products so that European and American consumers could participate in the home furnishing phenomenon.

Hooked rugs have found their niche in the rug industry and have become very popular with women especially for the often light and trendy feel the rug’s designers often employ with this weave style.  Hooked rugs are commonly found in bath, kitchen, nursery or bedroom areas in the home.  Popular motifs include:  florals, animals, children’s themes, nature, kitchen themes such as spice or herbal motifs, roosters, fruits, and many more varieties                                   

Hooked wool area rugs have become one of the litmus tests of quality and beauty in area rugs.  Often considered to be the best fiber to buy when searching for that perfect area rug.  Hooked Rugs, like all of the area rugs at Superior Rugs can be the perfect solution when seeking to remodel, reinvent or even update any room in your home.  Hooked Rugs are a small investment that can breathe new life and beauty into your home without the hassle and expense of a major renovation.  From unique hand made one of a kind to beautifully crafted machine made wools, we have the largest online wool area rug selection. 

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