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Sisal rugs

Sisal Rugs are the perfect solution when seeking to remodel, reinvent or even update any room in your home.  Sisal Rugs are a small investment that can breathe new life and beauty into your home without the hassle and expense of a major renovation.

Sisal is produced from the Agave sisalana plant. It's long, fine, fibrous qualities permits the Sisal to be spun in to smooth textured yarn. Sisal contains tough fibers adding to its durability. The fibers versatility offers a wide range of use. This natural anti-static, sound absorbing flame retardant, long lasting fiber makes it an ideal product with enormous possibilities. Color for this material can range from a pale yellow to a creamy white.  Natural fiber sisal area rugs represent a significant alternative in the home and floor furnishings industry.  The all natural fiber sisal rug derives from the sisal cactus plant grown in Brazil and Africa, which yields annual growth of two to three foot long sisal fiber woven into varying sized sisal rug products by the various producers.  Unlike jute or sea grass, the sisal rug can also be combined with wool to mix the best properties of each fiber in a soft yet hard wearing hybrid sisal rug.   The natural fiber based sisal rug products - sisal or wool or sea grass or hemp - utilize no foreign chemicals, thus are biologically inert which can be an important health consideration in the context of increasingly air tight and potentially toxic internal home and office environments.  Additionally your sisal rug breathes and will regulate humidity levels within your home.  Also, these floor coverings do not collect electro-static charge thus eliminating that annoying "zap" that can occur on a nylon synthetic area rug.  Your rug is definitely an indoors area rug only and should not be installed as an outdoor carpet as the presence of water and weather will rapidly degrade the fiber of your rug and shorten its life time and value for you.

Maintenance for your sisal rug is generally similar to Oriental rug and / or Mohawk carpet maintenance standards.  You should vacuum your rug daily on high traffic areas, less frequently on low traffic areas.  If your rug experiences a carpet stain, then you need to react quickly to remove the foreign matter.  You should avoid soaking a these rugs since the fiber will likely retain a watermark after cleaning.  A cleverly conceived carpet-cleaning product is available for your sisal rug, based on acrylic polymer fabric protective spray, which creates a water barrier across your rug.

Sisal Rugs have become very popular because of their versatility.  They are not just for covering hard surfaces, although that is the most common treatment. They also can be placed over wall-to-wall carpet to serve as a focal point, or under a dining-room table. Using these types of floor coverings is an easy way to change the look of a room with hard wood floors and if your wall to wall carpet isn't in the best shape, it's a quick fix to conceal the wear and tear from years of use and while giving the room a much needed makeover.
They have found favor among homeowners mainly because many newer houses feature floor surfaces such as tile and hardwood. They can warm up a room instantly, become the focal point, add splashes of color or define spaces in a room

Visit us today, either online or in our showroom for a wide variety of sisal and natural fiber rugs! 

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